eXlibriseXtended finite element Librairies (Version June 2016)


svn checkout

eXlibris is under svn (subversion : https://subversion.apache.org/) system. Some libraries are under copyright and need an account with special rights to be downloaded. The other libraries are under GNU LGPL. See the LICENCE files for details.
eXlibris can be installed as you want, but if your begins with it it is better to do as follow :

1. create a directory to install everything (generally call eXlibris).

mkdir eXlibris

2. If you want a stand alone version download all the svn repositories as follow :

cd eXlibris
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Util Util
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Trellis Trellis
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Xfiles/ Xfiles
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Xinterfaces Xinterfaces
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Xtest Xtest

optional (authorized account needed) :

svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/MeshMachine MeshMachine
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Octree Octree
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/Xfiles/Xext/Xcut Xcut
svn checkout https://svn.ec-nantes.fr/eXlibris/xTLS xTLS